They are spiritual

The word ‘mandala’ is Sanskrit (Indian language) for circle. It is a circle within a circle representing infinity in our universe. When I draw a mandala I feel connected to something bigger.

No drawing skills are neededSome mandalas are made of geometrical shapes.  We all know how to draw shapes and colour them in so minimal drawing skills are needed.  This makes creating mandalas available to everyone.   No two mandalas I draw are ever the same, making each one unique to me.

Play around with coloursMandalas are usually full of colour.  I love to experiment with the different colours and reflect on the colour meaning of the colours I chose that day. This helps me to think about (meditate) on why I might have chosen those colours and relate them to what is going on in my life at that time.  Not to mention the pure joy of  choosing and looking at different colour on my finished Mandala.  Sometimes I frame the mandala I have drawn and just sit and admire the colour.

Calms my mind

There is a calm when creating a mandala because of the repetitiveness of drawing circles and shapes.  As I focus on drawing my mandala I begin to forget any problems I have and as a consequence my anxiety reduces and I become mindful without even trying!

calm Buddha statue

Create something new

Before I began to draw I never imagined I could create anything!?  I didn’t consider myself to be a creative person, however, overtime I began to understand there is no right or wrong way to create something new. For example, sometimes I look at a mandala I have drawn and think that’s lovely, sometimes not, but when someone else likes it (especially when I did not),  I understand the this.  At the end of the process of creating I feel happy and proud to have made something for myself and others to enjoy.

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