Travel and spirituality

Mandalaminds is a product of my travels around the world in search of  ‘the truth’. I found from my travels there is nowhere to go and nothing to find,  all roads lead back to me. I looked under every stone and rock, but nothing. I visited spiritual houses and countries, but nothing.  I followed religions and leaders, but nothing.  As a result, I went home even more lost than before I went away, I was broken and had lost my Buddha.

Lying Buddha Bankok

Mindfulness and drawing

Faced with the same issues I had left behind before my travels there was nothing else I could do but to sit still.  To cope with the moment and sitting still I was forced to  learn mindfulness and found I had a deep desire to be creative and learn to draw. Drawing bought me into the here and now and helped me to stop thinking about the past and future.

Father, mandala, joy and truth

One day I was telling my father about how I felt and he reintroduced me to the mandala. He showed me a prototype ‘Mandala Art Maker’ and said, “I have been thinking about you” when I saw it I felt moved!? I knew it was something special to me but I didn’t know how important. So, I drew, and drew, and drew mandalas in my bedroom for months. Then I started to see mandalas everywhere and in everything! In flowers, plants, man-made products, everywhere. I found my ‘truth’ finally. When we are in the moment and creating something of beauty (even better if it is sacred) we are in joy, and this to me is ‘truth’.

dad and his art

Madalaminds mission is to provide you with creativity and balance in your life.  It is for creatives and none creatives across a range of ages, countries, cultures and races. It has been said, “using the drawing tool is like coming home”. We hope you feel the same way.

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